Research Membership

The Ludmer Centre, due to is goal of stimulating collaboration and trans-disciplinary research with existing research cadres, has multiple membership categories.

Primary Investigator Member (PI) 

All senior researchers with a major research affiliation within the centre are invited to be full members.



New PIs joigning the Ludmer Centre soon!

Associate Members

An established researcher, such as a faculty member, with significant research affiliation with the centre as well as visiting or student researchers being mentored by a PI Member:

Visiting Scholar appointed to the research centre for a limited term
Coming soon!
Postdoctoral Scholar/Research Associate Member/Graduate Student
The Ludmer Centre is mentoring a new generation of researchers revolutionizing neurological and mental health research. These young, trans-disciplinary, tech-savvy individuals are a force to be reckon with! Please take the time to meet this month’s featured individual and revisit this page often to meet the entire team.

Dr Kathleen Klein Oros


Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Collaboration Members

All researchers and their teams working in collaboration with a one of the Scientific Directors or utilizing the MCIN neuroinformatics tools may referred to themselves as a member of the Ludmer Centre Collaboration.  Please write at if you are interested in being listed on the website as a member or collaborator.