We believe tomorrow’s generation of researchers will  revolutionize mental health research. As trans-disciplinary, tech-savvy researchers, they will be able to maximize the potentials of the Ludmer Centre’s neuroinformatics infrastructure and expertise. Our commitment to training and mentoring new researchers has been entrenched in one of our three strategic pillars. The Ludmer Centre offers access to:

  • Leading scientists in epigenetics, brain imaging, genetics, statistics and neuroinformatics.
  • The most advanced and innovative neuroinformatics tools backed by a 60-plus team of development experts and the high-power computational capacity to conduct cutting edge research.
  • Diverse datasets from multiple longitudinal birth-cohort studies.
  • The first two databases, globally, to comprise datasets from neuroimaging, genome-wide epigenetic analysis (DNA methylation), genome-wide polymorphism analysis (SNP arrays) and measures of brain-based phenotypes within single human samples.
  • An environment designed to stimulate collaborations between and across multiple research disciplines and institutions.

Become part of the revolution!

The Ludmer Centre’s partnerships and infrastructure provide trainees with a unique, innovative learning environment and a chance to utilize cutting-edge neuroinformatics technologies.

Open Positions

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