Research Workshop: Decoding Mental States Using EEG

Join us for a two-day workshop

Decoding Mental States Using EEG

Open to all Students, Faculty & Researchers interested in cognitive neuroscience, functional MRI, and EEG

Wednesday, March 7th, 12:30-17:00 & Thursday, March 8 th, 09:00-17:30, 2018

Organized by:

·      Dr Robert Zatorre, Montreal Neurological Institute / McGill University

·      Dr Alan Evans, Montreal Neurological Institute / McGill University

·      Dr Adrian Owen, The Brain and Mind Institute / Western University

Background: Recent developments in cognitive neuroscience have led to exciting new possibilities for understanding consciousness. Much of this work has been carried out with fMRI; however, similar approaches can be developed with cost-effective and portable technologies, such as EEG, that could provide potentially better outcomes due higher temporal resolution.

Our Aim: With the goal of promoting interactions and future collaborations, this workshop will bring together investigators and trainees with complementary expertise in cognitive neuroscience, functional MRI, and EEG to discuss new ways in which EEG data could be used to extract signals of relevance to the study of mental states, both from a basic-science perspective and a clinical perspective.

The workshop is free. Registration has closed but you can still view it online.

Live streaming: The event will be broadcast on a Youtube Live Stream. Use #DecodingEEG to ask questions on the @LudmerCentre twitter account


Wednesday, March 7: 12:30-17:00
12:00 Lunch: All participants, Helen Penfield Atrium
12:30 Dr Robert Zatorre (Moderator), MNI/McGill: Introduction
12:45 Dr Alan Evans, MNI/McGill: EEG platform considerations
1:00 Dr Adrian Owen, Canada Excellence Research Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience and Imaging, The Brain and Mind Institute, Western U: Using fMRI to decode mental states in behaviourally non-responsive patients
2:00 Geoff LaForge, PhD Student, Owen Lab, Western University: Using EEG to identify indices of conscious awareness in patients


2:30 Dr Bobby Stojanoski, Research Scientist, Owen Lab, Western University: EEG markers of conscious processing in different stages of sleep
3:00 Coffee break
3:30 Dr Pedro Valdés-Sosa, Founder Vice-Director, Cuban Neuroscience Institute, Cuba; Coordinator, Cuban Human Brain Mapping Project; Director, joint China-Cuba Lab for Frontier Research in Translational Neurotechnology, Chengdu, China: EEG algorithms as applied to decoding of mental states
4:30 Discussion
Thursday, March 8: 09:00-17:00
9:15 Coffee & Tea
9:30 Welcome
10:00 Dr Srivas Chennu, School of Computing, University of Kent, UK:  hdEEG connectivity correlates of conscious states and contents: applications in disorders of consciousness
11:00 Dr Gilles Plourde & Dr Christian Guay, Department of Anesthesia & Neurocritical Care, MNI / McGill University: EEG in the operating room: decoding mental states during general anesthesia
11:30 Dr Stefanie Blain-Moraes, School of Physical and Occupational Therapy, McGill University: EEG of brain network activity associated with recovery of cognitive function following anesthesia
12:00 Lunch for all participants
1:00 Dr Sebastian Puschmann, Postdoc, Zatorre Lab, MNI/McGill: Decoding cortical representations of speech in cocktail party situations using MEG
1:30 Dr Mor Regev, Postdoc, Zatorre Lab, MNI/McGill: fMRI studies of inter-subject correlation and connectivity to understand cognitive processes
2:00 Avital Sternin, PhD Student, Owen/Grahn Labs, Western University:  Classifying music perception and imagination using EEG
2:30 Coffee Break
3:00 Dr Edmund Lalor, Biomedical Engineering and Neuroscience, University of Rochester, NY: Modeling EEG responses to natural stimuli
4:00 Summary & General Discussion
5:00 Closing reception, all attendees are invited

Information & registration: Ludmer Centre web site (

Location:            Amphitheatre: de Grandpré Communications Centre

Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital, 3801 University Street

Contact:              Dr P-J Toussaint, MCIN/MNI, | Tel: 514 398 1710

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