Dr Sherif Karama

Dr Sherif Karama

Sherif Karama, MD PhD FRCPC

Douglas Mental Health University Institute, 6875 boulevard, LaSalle, Montréal, QC H4H 1R3, Canada
Telephone: +1 514 761 6131 Ext. 3356
E-mail: info@LudmerCentre.ca

Area of Research
Dr Karama is a clinical psychiatrist and neuroscientist whose research combines neuroimaging, genetics and psychiatry to map the relationship between brain parameters and cognitive ability, specifically intelligence, across the life spectrum. His research has already advanced understanding of the link between a relatively thick cortex—the outer layer of the brain where critical cognitive functions (e.g., language and perception) occur—and higher cognitive capacity and healthy aging. His research has already identified that:

• Childhood intelligence, as measured by IQ, is a key determinant of an individual’s cognitive ability in their 70s, seven decades later.
• Elderly individuals with a thicker cortex have a greater chance of remaining cognitively sharp.
• Environmental factors, such as long-term smoking, could cause cortical thinning.

Dr Karama’s ongoing research seeks to identify and understand the genetic underpinnings and environmental factors that might favour brain development. His research aims to inform and advance therapeutic interventions to improve and maintain cognitive abilities in relation to ageing, impaired cognition in neurological and psychiatric diseases from Alzheimer’s to schizophrenia, and learning disabilities such as dyslexia and ADHD. This research will help to unlock new insights in cognitive development and identify pivotal intervention periods, from childhood through to old age.


IQ and the brain across our lifespan, 2018

Neurobiology of human intelligence, 2016

Publications & Impact Profile

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