Dr Carine Parent

Dr Carine I. Parent, PhD

  • Research Project Coordinator and Research Associate, Douglas Mental Health University Institute and Ludmer Centre for Neuroinformatics & Mental Health

Douglas Mental Health University Institute, 6875 Boulevard LaSalle Montreal, Québec, CA H4H 1R3                                                Telephone: +1 514-761-6131 ext 3457  E-mail: carine.parent@mail.mcgill.ca

Area of Research

Dr Parent is an important member of the Ludmer Centre’s Genomic and Epigenetics Pillar, the Sackler Program for Epigenetics & Psychobiology, at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute. She provides extensive scientific expertise in the central nervous system (neuroscience/psychiatry), immunology, metabolism, and epidemiology.

She manages some of the Centre’s international, multicentre collaborations: longitudinal trials and preclinical and clinical research programs. She is also a key contributor to training the next generation of researchers. Her research is helping to elucidate how epigenetics, specifically exposure to early adversity, shapes a child’s neurodevelopment into adulthood and old age.

A McGillian of distinction, Dr Parent completed a BSc in Biology / Psychology (2001) “with Great Distinction” and a Doctorate (2014) in Neuroscience at McGill University, during which she was awarded the Fond de Research du Quebec-Santé Doctoral Scholar; the Maysie MacSporran Scholar; and two travel awards from the International Society for Developmental Psychobiology.

Publications & Impact Profile

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