84M$ CFREF for Healthy Brains for Healthy Lives

McGill University will launch an ambitious effort to advance understanding of the human brain and ease the burden of neurological and mental-health disorders, thanks to an $84 million, seven-year grant announced today under the federal government’s Canada First Excellence Research Fund (CFREF). Totaling over $213 million across three institutions – Montreal will be one of […]

Canadian Institutes of Health Research Grant

To advance mental health research, the Centre participates in multidisciplinary research cadres globally to maximize its neuroinformatics infrastructure and longitudinal cohort study MAVAN. Supported by a CIHR Grant, the Centre’s statistical genetics and epigenetics expertise and Dr Ashley Wazana’s team of researchers hope, in the next 5 years, to identify psychiatric diagnoses at age 13 […]

EMC donation to the neuroinformatics component

EMC Corp provides major boost to the Ludmer Centre’s neuroinformatics component – the McGill Centre for Integrative Neuroscience (MCIN) led by Dr Alan Evans. The $1M in state-of-the-art visualization and data-storage technology will allow researchers worldwide to store, protect, share and analyze their most valuable asset: information. According to Mike Sharun, EMC Canada country manager, […]

Mental illness, no one is untouched

There are over 400 mental disorders —from depression to Alzheimer’s to attention deficit disorders— yet there are no biological tests to confirm a diagnosis, only subjective behavioral-based tests and, in a few cases, post-mortem confirmation through brain tissue analyses. Imagine if we could diagnose those at risk of developing a mental illness before symptoms started, if we could prevent […]