Could our DNA decrease susceptibility to stress and overeating?

Could a genetic variant in our DNA decrease susceptibility to stress and overeating? Glucocorticoids, which are linked to overeating, regulate our body’s energy supply in response to stress. Ludmer Centre researcher Dr Patricia P Silveira and colleagues from research institutes in Brazil, Toronto and Montreal found that adolescents who carry an A3669G variant of the […]

84M$ CFREF for Healthy Brains for Healthy Lives

McGill University will launch an ambitious effort to advance understanding of the human brain and ease the burden of neurological and mental-health disorders, thanks to an $84 million, seven-year grant announced today under the federal government’s Canada First Excellence Research Fund (CFREF). Totaling over $213 million across three institutions – Montreal will be one of […]

Effects of maternal childhood adversity & depression on socioeconomic status

Women who reported higher levels of childhood adversity combined with higher levels of self-reported depressive symptoms are significantly more likely to live in low socio-economic environments. A new collaborative study, which included Ludmer Centre researchers A. Bouvette-Turcot, E. Unternaehrer, H. Gaudreau and M. Meaney, suggest that Socio-economic status is influenced by a life-course-pathway that begins […]

Better understanding of differences in susceptibility & resilience to chronic stress

In the first study to use ex vivo structural MRI and DTI to detect differences in local-brain-volume and tissue-diffusion properties associated with stress susceptibility/resilience, a team of researchers from Canada, USA and Singapore, including Ludmer Centre researchers (Meaney, O’Donnell, Bagot), found that stress-integrative brain regions shape the neural architecture underlying individual differences in susceptibility/resilience to […]

Canadian Institutes of Health Research Grant

To advance mental health research, the Centre participates in multidisciplinary research cadres globally to maximize its neuroinformatics infrastructure and longitudinal cohort study MAVAN. Supported by a CIHR Grant, the Centre’s statistical genetics and epigenetics expertise and Dr Ashley Wazana’s team of researchers hope, in the next 5 years, to identify psychiatric diagnoses at age 13 […]

Child’s genetic profil & maternal depression

A new study underscores the importance of identifying and preventing prenatal symptoms of depression to prevent the development of childhood psychopathology. The study utilized the Ludmer Centre’s longitudinal cohort study, MAVAN, and involved four of its researchers Michael J. Meaney, John Lydon, Helene Gaudreau, Ashley Wazana as well as other collaborators, including first author Cathryn […]